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Types of grinding machines and their parts

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Grinding is one of the operations in metalworking, thanks to which the required parameters of the part are obtained both in terms of accuracy and surface quality. There are many types of grinding machines due to the method of processing as well as the type and shape of the part to be machined. Therefore, grinders are built for grinding rollers, for grinding flat surfaces, and tool grinders for small but precise details or regeneration, e.g. by sharpening tools. There are also grinders for grinding machine bodies, which are characterized by the ability to process large-size details while maintaining the required machining accuracy.

Basic types of grinding machines used in production:

  • Cylindrical grinding machines external/internal
    • Center ginding machines (e.g. A440, E450, E550, SWA25, SWB25, BUA)
    • Centerless ginding machines (e.g. MC50, SASL200)
  • Surface grinders (e.g. SPC20, SPD30, SPD40, SAB100W)
  • Tools grinders (e.g. NUA25)
  • Special grinders

Unfortunately, like any device – and especially a machine that is expected to work stably and accurately – the grinder also requires constant supervision over the wear of its elements, and in order to ensure the continuity of operation, it is necessary to additionally ensure proper inspection of the machine and replacement of wearing parts. It is important to remember – as with any repair – to only use grinding machine parts from trusted suppliers who are able to ensure their proper quality, which will ensure further trouble-free use of the grinder in accordance with its intended purpose and expected performance.

What are the most common spare parts for grinding machines?

  • Headstocks with rolling and sliding bearing spindles
  • Bodies with sliding guides
  • Travel drive screws with bearings
  • Machine control hydraulic cubes
  • Grinding wheel holders mounted on spindles
  • Table turning bumpers
  • Operating levers
  • Components of the machine’s hydraulic system (solenoid valves, pumps, pressure gauges, hoses, filters, etc.)
  • Arbors for static balancing of grinding wheels
  • Grinding drivers
  • Electromagnetic tables for surface grinders
  • Bearings

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