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What parts do metal milling machines consist of?

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A metal milling machine is a device that is indispensable for metalworking. Thus, it should be an important part of every metalworking workshop equipment. Milling machine is a kind of specialized machine tool, thanks to which one can realize precise machining of different metal parts and details. With its help you can give shape to metal parts. Without a reliable metal milling machine components, such parts as threads, profiles, spindles, gears or keyways, for example, could not be created.

Metal milling machine can perform such work as:

  • shaped milling – in this case, the cutting edges must be located on a rotating body with a complex outline,
  • cylindrical milling – in this type of milling, blades with cutting edges arranged on the surface of a cylinder are used,
  • face milling – during this type of machining, the axis of rotation of the cutter is perpendicular to the surface on which the machine tool is set.

How is a metal milling machine built?

What can we say about the key components of a milling machine. We can distinguish here the body, the console (in the case of a console milling machine), the cross slide, the table, the speed and feed box, the electric motor, the spindle, the sliding (cantilever) bar, the center support, the edge support and the stiffening bars. An extremely important component of the modern metal milling machines is the swivel head. The swivel head for milling machine allows to machine the material precisely at different angles, even in very hard-to-reach places. Not less important tool of any metal milling machine is the cutter, which is shaped like a rotating solid, which gives the final form to the workpiece.

At MultiMasz Company you will find reliable accessories and tools for milling machines – not only swivel milling heads, but also new slotting heads for milling machines, dividing heads and machine vices.

Metal milling machines types

There are three most popular types of metal milling machines: vertical, horizontal and universal.

Modern milling machines are made of very resistant to intensive use of materials, so they are characterized by long life and reliability. Metal milling machines construction can be equipped with electronic control modules that provide easy, intuitive operation, as well as high-performance cooling systems, a central lubrication system and a 3-axis digital position readout.

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