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Clutches and brakes from Stromag Ema Dessau

Electromagnetic clutches Ema Dessau offers perfect solution for machine tools users. In our stock there are electromagnetic multi-disc clutches type: KLDO, KLDX, 3KL5 and 4KL5. Need spare parts for your clutch? Please check the list of our products and send us enquiry. World-wide shipping in 24 hours.

Electromagnetic clutch Ema Dessau

3 KL 1,253 KL 2,53 KL 5
3 KL 103 KL 203 KL 40
3 KL 804 KL 1,254 KL 2,5
4 KL 54 KL 104 KL 20
4 KL 40KLDX 0,63KLDX 1,25
KLDX 20KLDO 0,63KLDO 1,25
KLDO 160  
ema dessau electromagnetic clutches and brakes

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Ema Dessau electromagnetic clutch parts offer

Ema Dessau is a brand that offers high-quality electromagnetic multi-plate clutches and brakes. The company enjoys great recognition. No wonder. It has a lot of experience in the market. It surprises with innovations, but also remains true to its traditional working methods. The company has proprietary products that are constantly being modified to meet the demands of modernized machines. Ema Dessau specializes in the manufacture of clutches and brakes for machines and various devices. They are characterized by their great universality, which enables their use in many sectors, e.g. industry, robotics and automation. Electromagnetic clutches and brakes clutches and brakes from Ema Dessau are even used in the aerospace industry. The company’s products are used in many factories that use highly specialized machines and devices.

What are electromagnetic Ema Dessau clutches and brakes?

An electromagnetic clutch transmits the drive – the drive is transmitted through the influence of the magnetic field on the electromagnet. This applies to all electromagnetic clutches, including multi-plate models. The current flowing into the magnet creates a magnetic field that pushes the pressure plates towards the clutch disc. When the pedal is depressed, the drive disconnects and the power line is interrupted. The magnetic field disappears.

Electromagnetic brakes are used to stop the rotation of the shaft in an electric motor. These are models that are characterized by a very high level of reliability and a wide range of applications. electromagnetic clutch brakes from Ema Dessau are characterized by their simple construction. Brake systems based on these brakes offer excellent options for setting parameters (braking torque, stopping time, etc.). Their advantages also include relatively quiet operation and problem-free installation in machines. Ema Dessau offers a wide range of electromagnetic brakes with different parameters. They are intended for many devices and machines that should be precisely adapted to the required parameters. They have found their application in many industries and are valued by leading companies in the European market.