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HCP Cegielski VHT Clutches & Couplings

HCP Cegielski hydraulic clutches VHT are suitable for applications in HCP Cegielski drilling machines type GRV554 and WR50. They are failure-free and require no maintenance. World-wide shipping in 24 hours.

HCP Cegielski – Hydraulic clutches

VHT 04/28VHT 07/32VHT 08/35
VHT 09/35VHT 09/40VHT 10/42
VHT 10/45VHT 11/50VHT 12/55
VHT 15/65  
Hydraulic clutches HCP Cegielski

The company HCP Cegielski clutches proves that tradition can also be innovative. The company has been in the market for over 170 years. During this time, it not only got to know the industry, but also developed an effective tactic to understand the customer. HCP Cegielski VHT offers innovative solutions for companies from many industries, e.g. energy, production, petrochemicals, rail transport. The company has a modern and constantly developing machine park. It offers its products on the domestic and global market and is constantly gaining new customers. The company has an enormous production capacity – 63,000 m2 of production halls and 19,000 m2 of warehouses. Hydraulic clutches HCP Cegielski produces e.g .: couplings that are available in our offer. In this case, it is just one of many products that this highly developed company offers.

Hydraulic clutches from HCP Cegielski

HCP Cegielski specializes in the manufacture of hydraulic couplings. If you are interested in a hydraulic clutch, you have come to the right place. These are couplings that are characterized by their small dimensions and are intended for use in machine tools and drilling machines. They take up little space and run on oil. No supply lines are necessary as the oil is supplied through the holes. The gear is located on the outside of the clutch, it is characterized by loose rotation. The HCP Cegielski hydraulic coupling consists of two thin steel membranes. Due to the pressurized oil, they break apart and then press against the outer body. This switches on the drive.

The HCP Cegielski hydraulic clutches VHT is durable. These solutions are widely used to manufacture gear structures. They are mainly used in all types of machine tools, but also in other machines equipped with sequential and automatic rotation control. HCP Cegielski’s offer includes hydraulic couplings with different parameters. On our website you will find among other things: Couplings VHT 04/28, VHT 09/40, VHT 10/42, VHT 11/50 and VHT 15/65.

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