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Induction Hardening Services

In connection with our activity and constant striving to provide comprehensive services for our customers from the metal industry, we decided to expand our offer with induction hardening services. Thi s services include – among others – gears, shafts, spindles and other parts, and it is used to reinforce a specific area of a part.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our complete offer, in which you will find both new and used metalworking machines and a wide selection of spare parts. What’s more, we are the only company in Europe to have a perfectly stocked stationary warehouse with over 80,000 different electromagnetic clutches and brakes like ZF, Stromag, Binder Magnete, Ortlinghaus, Heid and many more, thanks to which we are the leader in Just-In-Time deliveries.

What is induction hardening?

Induction hardening of steel is a heat treatment process that involves heating steel using an electromagnetic field generated by an inductor. This process aims to increase the hardness and strength of the steel. The main steps in the induction hardening of steel are as follows:


The steel is placed within the electromagnetic field, which induces eddy currents within the material, causing it to heat up rapidly.

Temperature Holding

The steel is held at an austenitizing temperature for a specified time to ensure even distribution of heat throughout the material.


After reaching the desired temperature, the steel is rapidly quenched using water or oil to transform it into a martensitic structure, which significantly increases its hardness.

Tempering (optional)

In some cases, after hardening, the steel may undergo a tempering process to reduce excessive brittleness and fine-tune its mechanical properties.

Induction hardening is commonly used in industries such as manufacturing tools, mechanical components, and other applications where high hardness and strength of steel are required.

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