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A high performance is ensured by innovative components and modern technologies. Ortlinghaus  clutches provide best performance in the smallest space. They are used in the drives of machine tools, printing machines, gearboxes, cranes, winches. World-wide shipping in 24 hours.

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Ortlinghaus is a company that has been on the market for more than 100 years. Such a long tradition leads to a very large experience and a comprehensive, professional knowledge of the team. The company specializes in the manufacture of clutches and brakes for industrial machinery, with a focus on above-average efficiency and long life. Taking into account the wear of these components, Ortlingaus is committed to ensuring that the products offered by Ortlingaus significantly extend the service life of the machines, even under heavy loads.

Ortlinghaus clutch and brakes – offer

The company is based on its own design and technical solutions and Ortlinghaus brakes and clutches stand out from other products on the market. They are designed for almost all industries, and their versatility and variety allows for precise adaptation of the element to the machine model. Ortlinghaus clutches and brakes are used wherever advanced torque transmission or braking technology is required. The company offers among others, spare parts, multi-disc clutches and brakes for dry and oil operation.
Application of Ortlinghaus products

Ortlinghaus brakes and clutches are used in automatic production lines in many industries. They are perfect as components of construction machinery, including tractors and excavators, mechanical press lines for metal forming, and machinery and equipment for the paper industry. These are also special parts for machinery from the food industry, mining, shipbuilding and transport.

We offer Ortlinghaus couplings and special brakes for all the above mentioned machines. If you have any doubts about the selection of the right component, we will be happy to help and advise you. We guarantee the high quality and efficiency of Ortlinghaus clutches and brakes, which are among the most sophisticated and valuable components for industrial equipment in the industry. Take a look at our offer and see for yourself the possibilities of experienced professionals. Improve the efficiency of your team.

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