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Psp Pohony clutches and brakes

MultiMasz  has experience with supply and repair of PSP Pohony clutches and brakes for machine tools. We offer types such as: ELB , ELK, ELS. Full range of products includes multi-disc, mechanical and single disc clutches. World-wide shipping in 24 hours.

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PSP – Electromagnetic multi-disc clutches

ELS 0,6ELS 1,2ELS 2,5
ELS 4ELS 6,3ELS 10
ELS 16ELS 25ELS 40
ELS 63ELK 0,6ELK 1,2
ELK 2,5ELK 4ELK 6,3
ELK 10ELK 16ELK 25
ELK 40ELK 63 
Electromagnetic brakes
ELB 0,6ELB 1,2ELB 2,5
ELB 4ELB 6,3ELB 10
ELB 16ELB 25ELB 40
ELB 63  
Electromagnetic tooth clutches
EZF 4EZF 6,3EZF 25
EZF 40  

PSP Pohony machine parts

PSP Pohony is an established company specializing in the manufacture and supply of modern technological solutions in the field of brakes, clutches and transmissions. The products are used by owners of industrial and construction companies in which machines play an important role and support the work of the team. The company’s range includes PSP Pohony clutches and electromagnetic brakes. These are also available in our range. The company PSP Pohony is also known for the implementation of non-standardized projects on special customer orders. It is the answer to the ever increasing demands of the modern specialist who works in various fields of industry. All thanks to the constantly updated knowledge of the specialists and the development, which focuses on the modernization of the machine park. PSP Pohony has implemented a quality management system that is confirmed by the EN ISO 9001: 2015 certificate. The quality of the products is constantly monitored by modern measurement systems.

PSP Pohony clutches and brakes – a wide range of products

We work together with the company PSP Pohony clutches, as we are constantly expanding our range. Our range includes electromagnetic brakes such as ELB 6.3, ELB 6.3 and ELB 63, electromagnetic tooth clutches, including EZF 4 and EZF 25, and electromagnetic multi-plate clutches in a very large range of variants, including ELS 4, ELS 25, ELK 6.3 and ELK 40. Such a wide range enables us to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers. We send the PSP Pohony clutches brakes immediately after receiving the order. This is the guarantee of fast delivery of the goods, which is a priority for many customers when they need the machine for one of the ongoing projects.

Psp Pohony

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