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Spare parts for machine tools

Our customers also have at their disposal a huge warehouse of spare parts for machine tools such as lathes (horizontal and vertical – carousel), milling machines (vertical, horizontal, universal, tool), grinders (for planes, for shafts and holes), for pillar and radial drilling machines for presses and many other metalworking machines.

All users of metalworking machines manufactured by for example PORĘBA (TR, TRP, TCG, TCA), FAT WROCŁAW (TUR560, TUR-630 or TUR 710), JOTES (SPD-30, SPD-40), STANKO (1M63, 1M65, 16K20), SEDIN (1516, 1525, 1532), SCHAUDT MIKROSA, SCHIESS FRORIEP, WOHLENBERG, HOEHRINGERTOS, TOS, SKODA or ZMMN SLIVEN will find spare parts and accessories for their machine tools.

spare parts for machine tools 
service parts for machine tools
service for machine tools
Spare parts for machine tools, gears and shaftsGrinding spindlesMechanical parts for machine tools

High quality services for machine tools

In order to create one central warehouse with spare parts for machine tools for our customers, we cooperate with the best and reliable suppliers from all over the world.

For over 20 years, we have been renovating and modernizing various metalworking machines, in particular of Polish, German, Czech and Russian production. Thanks to the acquired knowledge and experience, our clients always receive specific information, professional support and the best offers on the market.

MultiMasz is also the owner of an extensive machine park, equipped with conventional metalworking machines and CNC machines. This allows us to carry out our own production as well as make service for machine tools for our customers.

Production of lead screw with nut for latheGrinding of lathe bed


What we can do for your machine tool? Our specialization is overhauling of different machine tools. We carry out general overhauls and modernization for metal working machines e.g., lathes, grinding machines, milling and boring machines and drillers. We adjust parameters of the machine to the customer’s requirements and tasks set for particular machine.

A wide range of our services also includes thermal hardening services of metal elements such as induction hardening or carburizing