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jotes grinding machine parts

Our JOTES ŁÓDŹ rotary surface grinding machine SAB100W generally overhauled, modernizated and adapted to the minimum health and safety requirement

We offer a wide selection of grinding machine spare parts for machines manufactured by the Polish factories, FUM Pabianice and JOTES Łódź and the German company SCHAUDT. In continuous sale we have parts and accessories for grinders, such as: SOJ 16, SWA 25, SPC 20 (A, B, C, D) 4AMP, SPD 30, SPD 40, SAB100W, SPM 30, E450NP, E550, A440. We also make a special spindles and jotes spare parts of grinding machine based on drawings or samples provided by the customer. We are regularly completing our stock to ensure continuous and fast delivery.

Magnetic separator/liquid magnetic filter for grinding machines


grinding machine parts

New magnetic separators for jotes grinding machines available from stock
we ensure warranty and all spare parts

grinding machine parts - Magnetic filter  grinding machine parts- Magnetic separator jotes

Parts of surface Jotes grinding machine

Our Jotes grinding machine parts like magnetic separators are especially recommended for: surface grinding machines SPC20, SPC20a, SPC20b, SPD30, SPD30b, SPD40; cylindrical grinders SWA25, A440, E450, E550, SOJ10, SOJ16 hole grinders

The MMA magnetic fluid separators are produced in the following capacities: 63 l/min, 100 l/min, 160 l/min, 250 l/min.

The magnetic liquid separator / magnetic filter for Jotes grinding machines is mounted on the coolant tank. It is designed for metalworking machines, mainly for grinders and superfinishers, and for devices requiring clean cooling liquid. The use of a magnetic filter in the coolant circulation system allows to obtain a higher quality of the treated surface, and also extends the service life of the coolant and reduces the consumption of electropumps. The task of the filter is to clean machining coolants from filings, shavings and other metallic impurities arising in the cutting process.

Trust the high quality of Jotes grinding machine parts

Due to the high-quality materials used for production, the filters are resistant to liquids of various pH. In addition, we offer spare parts for filters, including: rubber roller, magnetic drum, dust collector. The fact that we are a MAGNETIC FILTER MANUFACTURER allows for the maximum short time of order fulfillment.

The wide range of grinding machine parts includes:

    • gears, shafts and other mechanical parts

    • electric and electronic components

    • magnetic chucks / magnetic and electromagnet tables for surface grinding machines (different sizes available from stock)

    • bronze filter (pot filter) for MC40 and MC50 grinding machine

    • arbor for balancing the grinding wheel

    • cast of grinding wheel / driver for the grinding wheel

    • attachment for dressing the grinding wheel of the grinder

    • diamond dressers for grinding wheel

    • bearings

    • grinding drivers for roller grinders type A440, E450, E550 and RUP28.

    • stars dedicated to the SAB100W rotary table grinder

    • coiled spring to tension the apron on the SPC, SPC20a, SPC20b grinders

    • bumper body of the SPD grinding wheel headstock

    • table return bumper for SPD grinder

    • hydraulic pump for grinding machine SPD, SWA, SOJ, SAB

    • machine lightning

Our offer also includes many other machine spare parts and accessories for metalworking machine tools: couplings, brakes, filters, lighting lamps, spindles, screws, shafts, mandrels, pumps, valves, manifolds, electropumps, aggregates, lubricators, coolant hoses, vibro-isolators and wedges. We also provide machining services and make parts based on customer’s documentation, drawing or pattern.

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In central Poland, in our branch factory MultiMasz Szlifierki in Łódź, we provide all kinds of services concerning metal grinding machines. We are one of a very few companies in Poland which is able to restore the initial parameters of grinding machines, design and introduce its modernization and develop a very new solutions for existing ones.

Thanks to the staff of our professionals in the construction of grinding machines, and based on their knowledge and many years of experience we are able to design, construct and build Task Grinding Machines.

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