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If you care about original parts for your machine tools you are in goods hands

…because quality counts the most!

Our warehouse is full of different spare parts for machine tools: lathes, milling machines, radial and column drilling machines, presses, shears, boring machines, surface and cylindrical grinding machines made by Polish, German, Czech, Russian and Bulgarian manufacturers.


  • Spare parts for Polish machine tools produced by: FUM Poreba, FAT Wrocław, AVIA, ZM Tarnow, CHOFUM Chocianow, Mechanicy Pruszkow, Ponar DEFUM, HCP Cegielski, FAMOT, Jafo, Jotes, Rafamet
  • Spare parts for German machine tools produced by: WMW, Fritz Heckert, Union, Schaudt
  • Spare parts for Czech machine tools produced by: TOS, PIESOK, SKODA
  • Spare parts for Russian machine tools produced by: STANKO, SEDIN, KOLOMNA, KRAMATORSK, RYAZAN, STANKOGOMEL, MOSTANA
  • Spare parts for Bulgarian machine tools produced by: ZMM SLIVEN, ZMM SOFIA, MASHSTROY


spare parts clutches hydraulic
mechanical parts for machine tools clutches, brakes and accessories oils pumps, cooling pumps, accessories



  • Polish lathes: TUC 40, TUD 40, TUD 50, TUR 50, TUR630M, TUM 35, TPK 80, TCG 160, TR 70, TUJ 50M, TUX 50
  • Russian lathes: 1M63, 1M65, RT-117, DIP-500, 165,16K20, 1K62, 1A616
  • Bulgarian lathes: CU400, CU500, CU502, CU580, C11MB. C13MB…
  • Vertical turning lathes: 1512, 1516, 1525, 1L532, 1531…


Spare parts for universal lathe machines:

  • cross slide screws with nut
  • longitudinal lead screws with nuts
  • toothed wheels and gears for spindle box, apron, feed box and guitar
  • mechanical and electromagnetic clutches and brakes, clutch plates, drivers, brush holders and other accessories
  • toothed bars
  • drive shafts
  • clutch shafts, toothed shafts
  • chuck safety guards, tool post safety guards, roller guards for driving shafts and screws
  • tool posts, steady rests and follow rests, taper turning attachments, grinding attachments…
machine tools machine tools machine tools


We posses a great stock of different equipment and accessories for machine tools, and a special selection of spare parts for the most popular Russian machine tools:

spare parts


  • Polish milling machines: FWD 32, FYH 32A, FYJ 40, FYA 41M, FWA 41M, FND 32, FNC 25, FNF 40
  • Russian milling machines: 6P12, 6P80, 6P82, 6H81, 6T83
  • Bulgarian milling machines: FU251, FU321
  • Czech milling machines: FGS 25, FGS 32, FGS 50
  • German milling machines: HECKERT FSS 315, FSS 400, FU 350 and FU 450, FU 350ApUG and FU450 ApUG, FW 350 and FW 450


Spare parts for milling machines:

  • Clutches and brakes
  • cross slide screws with nut
  • longitudinal lead screws with nuts
  • toothed wheels, shafts and gears
  • bevel gears
  • machine vices
  • rotary tables, dividing heads, safety guards


Additionally, we have a full range of spare parts for German WMW HECKERT milling machines

F315, F400, FSS-350MR, FSS-400MR, FU-350MR, FU-450MR, FU-350ApUG, FU-450ApUG

spare parts clutches hydraulic hydraulic


We can offer directly from stock, ready for immediate shipment spare parts for Heckert milling machines. All parts are new, executed in German quality, and meet the highest technical standards.

At you can ask about: clutches and brakes, shafts, bevel gears, worms and worm gears, pulleys, levers, longitudinal and cross screws, nuts, clearance pumps, oil pumps, cooling pumps, pinole, hydraulic dividers/distributors, turnover mechanism etc.


Other machine tools and spare parts in our offer:

  • Polish radial and column drilling machines: GRV553, GRV554, WR50, WKA 40
  • Russian radial and column drilling machines: 2M55, 2A554, 2A576, 2H135
  • Polish guillotine shears: NG3, NG5, NG8, NG13, NGH6, NGH10 (blades for Polish guillotines and spare parts)
  • Czech guillotine shears: CNTA 3150/10A, 3150/16A, CNTA 3150/25A, CNTA2000/6,3A, NTA 3150/10, NTA3150/10A, NTE2000/6,3, NTE2500/4, NTE3150/6,3, NTC 2000/4, NTC 2500/4 (blades for Czech guillotines and spare parts)
  • Polish grinding machines: SAB100W, E450P, E450NP, SOJ10, SPC20, SPD30
  • Czech grinding machines: BUT63, BUC63, BHU
Blades_for_guillotine_CNTA3150_10A Blades_for_guillotine_CNTA3150_10A
Blades for guillotine CNTA3150 /10A Blades for guillotine CNTA3150 /10A


Repair_kit_for_guillotine_NTA Repair_kit_for_guillotine_NTE_NTC single_arm_brush_holders_for_NTE_NTC two-armed_brush_holders_for_NTE_NTC.jpg
Repair kit for guillotine NTA Repair kit for guillotine NTE, NTC Single arm and two-armed brush holders for NTE, NTC


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