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Poreba lathe spare parts

Poreba lathe parts for sale

Our POREBA Heavy Duty Lathe TR135 generally overhauled and adapted to the minimum health and safety requirement

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Maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of machine tools for many years requires systematic inspections and service repairs from the owner. In order to ensure the continuity of such machine service, it is necessary to have the appropriate knowledge and trusted delivery source of spare parts. Our task is to provide you with this type of service as soon as possible because we know that each production stoppage causes financial losses and disrupts the production continuity process. Directly from stock, without unnecessary delays, we offer a wide selection of mechanical parts for machine tools, including Poreba lathe parts. You can find in the offer: gears and shafts, sleeves, worm gears, toothed bars, bushings, shifters, and many other parts, available from stock, for immediate resale.


Steady rest for TR-115 Poręba lathe, range 150-450 mm

Heavy-duty lathes of the type TR135 or TCG160, TCA200, and others were manufactured by the well-known Polish machine tools manufacturer: FUM POREBA (Fabryka Urzadzen Mechanicznych POREBA). These lathes are intended for work with large elements. All machine tools manufactured by FUM POREBA have been equally valued on the Polish and international markets for many years.

We can be proud to announce that we are the owner of one of the largest stationary warehouses of spare parts for Polish lathes produced by FUM PORĘBA.

Poreba lathe parts for a heavy-duty lathe TR135

For our customer from the United States, we have prepared a cross slide with tool post for his POREBA heavy-duty lathe TR135.


Cross slide with tool post for POREBA heavy duty lathe TR135

The same customer has ordered other accessories for his POREBA TR135. This time it was a complete and new Tailstock with pinole/sleeve and 4-jaw 800 mm chuck with independently adjusted jaws. Poreba lathe parts contains 2 kinds of jaws: soft solid jaws mounted on the chuck, and an additional set of 4 new solid hard jaws, pins, and a key.

Tailstock with pinole/sleeve for POREBA lathe TR135

Tailstock with pinole/sleeve for POREBA lathe TR135

4-jaw chuck 800 mm with independently adjusted jaws for POREBA lathe TR135

4-jaw chuck 800 mm with independently adjusted jaws for POREBA lathe TR135

A wide range of Poreba lathe spare parts

MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL PARTS, ACCESSORIES, EQUIPMENT: lathe steady rest, follow rest, taper turning attachment, grinding attachment, tools posts, tailstock sleeve, spindles, and many more spare parts for Poreba lathes: TR55, TR70, TR70B, TR80, TR90, TR90B, TR100B, TR115, TR135, TR135B, TCC125, TCA125, TCA 160, TCG125, TCG160, TCG200, TPC90, TRP110MN, TZG250, TNA90N and many more.

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