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Spare parts for Russian machine tools

russian machine tools

Our Stanko/Sasta Model 1A983 Oil Country Lathe generally overhauled and adapted to the minimum health and safety requirements

Thanks to many years of cooperation with manufacturers of machines from the East, we can deliver virtually every part for Russian machine tools such as lathes 1M63, 1M65, RT117, DIP-500, 1K62, 16K20, 16K40, 1512, 1516, 1525, 1532, 1L532, 1A616, 1616B, milling machines 6P81, 6P83, drills 2H125, 2H135, 2M55, 2A554, 2A576, grinders series 3G71, 3M173, 3M174, 3L722, original guillotine knives type H3222A and H3222.

Parts for Russian machine tools

For many years our company has been successfully cooperating with Russian manufacturers of machine tools and accessories. Thanks to this, we are able to offer a wide range of spare parts for Russian machine tools, such as: universal and vertical lathes, milling, drilling and grinding machines and boring machines 2A620, 2A622, 2620 as well.

We deal with parts of such manufacturers as: SEDIN, STANKO, RYAZAN, KRAMATORSK, DMITROV ODESSA, KOLOMNA, IVANOVO and for their machine tools we offer a wide range of electrical and mechanical spare parts.

Available Russian machine tools parts

  • electromagnetic and pneumatic clutches and brakes
  • pneumatic system clutch-brake type YB for Russian presses KD series, friction plates and discks, sealings
  • complete mechanical clutches for 1M63, 16K20, 2M55 etc.
  • tool post for Russian lathe 1M63, 1M65, RT117
  • complete motor clamping devices EMG50, EMG51, EMG52, EMG53 for Russian boring machines 2A620, 2A622, 2620
  • different gears, sleeves and shafts
  • spindles for 2H125, 2H135, 2A620
  • valves Y71-24A for Russian presses, separators, cooling and oil pumps
  • manipulators, joysticks for 1M63, 1512,1516 …
  • limit switches, speed selectors, rotary slectors, slide switches
  • toothed rubber belts for lathes 1616, 16E16KP, 16D16A, 16B16P

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