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World’s leading industrial mechanical clutches and brakes supplier company – Machine-clutch

The domain was created primarily for our English-speaking customers to make it as easy as possible for them to access our warehouse resources.
We keep the largest stationary stock of clutches and brakes for machine tools and other industrial machines for everyone, who wants to keep his machine in a good condition.
Our aim is to create honest relationship with our customers, and better solution for their machine tools.

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New electromagnetic brakes and clutches for machine tool

We provide spare parts for machines to improve the machine’s work, enhance their life-cycle and increase their productivity. Our goal is to support small and large entrepreneurs, so that they reach the highest efficiency and offer the best working conditions to their employees, so that they could meet their tasks at the lowest costs. We sell our industrial mechanical clutches and brakes with the best price-quality ratio. If you want to keep your machine in a good condition, trust our knowledge and experience, which define our everyday work. Our company provides only highest quality products – electromagnetic clutches and brakes and offers professional consulting.

Wide selection of electromagnetic clutches and brakes for industrial machines at our market

Our team is built by professionals with adequate qualifications and knowledge, thanks to whom we offer the widest spectrum of products and services and provide reliable assistance by selection of the right product. Basing on the data, which we collect about the parameters of the given machine tool, we offer the right electromagnetic brake or clutch, depending on what needs to be replaced. We offer products in the best condition and of the best quality, which we carefully check. Thanks to the wide spectrum of products, we can provide to each of our customers, the part which will meet his expectations regarding the price and quality.

Brake lathe machine market – what distinguishes our company and products?

  • Experience – thanks to our long-standing presence on the market we are experts in our field. We not only know expectations of our customers but we are also aware of the possibilities on the industrial machine market. We combine the capacity of the branch with our customers’ requirements.
  • Professional assistance – full customer service, starting from consultancy, through the identification of the best suited product, up to the comprehensive service. In our company you receive a professional assistance in every cooperation phase.
  • Wide range of products – to each of our customers, we want to offer a product according to his wishes. On that basis we are constantly developing our sortiment, which is filled with new, high quality clutches and brakes.
  • High efficiency – parts replacement serves not only the machine’s repair, but also enhances it’s working life. For that reason we offer high quality clutches and brakes with carefully selected components and materials.
  • Fast order processing – we know, that every customer is interested in fast and efficient order processing. They want to receive their product in the shortest time possible. That motivates us, to enhance order processing. Check how fast and engaged we are by responding to your inquiries.

New spare parts and regeneration of the old ones

Our offer includes electromagnetic brakes and clutches, which are used in various idustry equipment. We offer components for metalworking machine tools, milling machines, drilling machines, lathes, grinding machines, boring machines and saws. In addition, we also support you with all malfunctions in connection with device functions. We deal with regeneration of used parts, i.e. clutches repair and brakes, during which we restore their funcionality and efficiency.
Try our offer! Contact us if you want us to answer your questions and start cooperation. Do you want to make the best choice? We will help you select the clutch or brake best fitted for your machine. You can trust in our efficient and pleasant approach.

We offer clutches and brakes for the listed machine tools: