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Fumo: electromagnetic, multi-disc clutches and brakes

Fumo is a European manufacturer of multiple-disc clutches. ETM-…2 are available in sizes 052 to 142 l Dynamic torque 10 -1000 Nm. Beside ETM clutches we provide VBA (sizes 1,2 to 80), multiple-disc clutches VEP-…B (sizes 25-400), multiple-disc clutches ETM-..6 (sizes from 052 to 142). Worldwide shipping in 24 hours.

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Fumo electromagnetic multi-disc clutches

ETM 052ETM 062ETM 072
ETM 082ETM 092ETM 102
ETM 112ETM 122ETM 132
ETM 142ETM 054ETM 064
ETM 074ETM 084ETM 094
ETM 104ETM 114ETM 124
ETM 134ETM 144 
VBA 1,2VBA 2,5VBA 5
VBA 10VBA 20VBA 40

Fumo mechanical clutches

VAB 137VAC 158VAB 158S
VAG 94VAG 94S 

Fumo multiple-discs brakes


Fumo multiple-discs brakes

ETM 056ETM 066ETM 076
ETM 086ETM 096ETM 106
ETM 116ETM 126ETM 136
ETM 146  
fumo clutches and brakes

Fumo – a manufacturer of clutches and brakes

Fumo is one of the most important European manufacturers of electromagnetic multi-disc clutches and brakes. It is a brand that has been in the market for around 30 years. However, their team’s experience is significantly longer. The Fumo factory is located in Poland. The company constantly adapts its offer to the changing needs of its customers. Technologies are constantly evolving, which means that clutches and brakes must also be subject to changes and modifications. The company has its own research and development center, where it continuously carries out detailed tests and measurements. Based on the results, the company creates new solutions. In 2018, Fumo introduced the ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system, which includes the following elements: design, production, sale and service of drive, measurement, and energy elements. Our offer includes Fumo electromagnetic multi-disc clutches and multi-disc brakes.

Fumo multi-disc clutches and brakes

We offer a wide range of Fumo brakes and clutches that differ in specific parameters. Thanks to these differences, they can be precisely adapted to a machine. We offer multi-disc clutches and brakes designed for dry and oil operation. The range includes mechanical clutches: VAC 158, VAB 158 S and VAG 94 S, electromagnetic multi-disk clutches: ETM 122, ETM 084, ETM 124, ETM 124, VEP 160 B and multi-disk brakes: ETM 096, ETM 106 and ETM 146.

Dry and wet clutches – differences

Fumo offers dry and wet clutches. What is the difference between these variants? Dry disconnect couplings are designed for operation in the air. Wet clutches work in oil, so in a slightly different environment. Clutches that work in the so-called oil bath work more quietly. You are also less exposed to sudden movements and shocks. However, the choice of coupling should be adapted to the particular machine, its specification, and construction. If you choose the wrong coupling, the machines will not work properly. Failure can occur. Major damage is equated with costly repairs. Sometimes you even have to change your machine.

Familiarize yourself with our range of Fumo clutches and brakes. Compare your parameters and adapt a specific part to the technical requirements of your machine. If you need help, contact our experts. They will help you choose the best option.

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