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Brush-holders for electromagnetic clutches

Brush-holdersBrush-holders are dedicated to feed the electromagnetic clutches with slip ring. In these kinds of clutches a rotating coil is applied. There can be distinguished two types of brush holders in relation to the environment they are intended to work in: for operation in oil – with a brass brush, and for dry operation – with a carbon brush. There are also brush holders for operation in oil mounted with an additional sealing enabling it to be mounted outside the clutch housing. They are dedicated especially to Polish made lathes like TUR50, TUR630 etc.

We offer the widest range of different brush-holders, inserts and brushes for electromagnetic clutches:

  • telescopic brushes of ZF Type  such as TSN 8, TSL 8, STK 6/16 R, STN 6/16  R, STL 6/16 R, STN 8 R, STL 8 R,  TSK 6/16, TSN 6/16, TSL 6/16
  • telescopic brushes of Stromag / Fumo / PSP Pohony types
  • brush inserts of ZF type: TSN 6/16 E, TSN 6/16 E, TSL 6/16E, TSN 8 E, TSL E, TSN 8 VE
  • brushes: bronze for oil  operation, and  carbon brushes for dry operation
  • we also offer levers for mechanical clutches of Bulgarian, Polish, and Russian origin
If you don’t know a type of the brush-holder required, please send us its photo with diemsnions and thread size. If you don’t have it at all, just let us know to what clutch and enviroment it is to be applied.

Various types and sizes of brush holders are available. Sample dimensions below:

Telescopic brush-holders ZF
Brush-holder Ortlinghaus, Stromag ZF
Telescopic brush-holders ZF, available in different sizes and threads

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