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clutches and brakes

Ema Elfa manufactures electromagnetic brakes such as: Hzg, 2HZg, HPS, 2HPS, HPSX, H2SP, H2S, and powder brakes and clutches. With over 60 years of experience and knowledge they offer selection of clutches and brakes which have application in many different industrial types of machinery from branches such us steel mills, shipyards and mines. It specializes in the development and manufacture of various types of electrical equipment. The company supplies its products to many companies, including customers in the electrical machine and construction industries. In our offer you will find EMA Elfa clutches and brakes that are used in industrial machines. The EMA Elfa brakes and clutches are characterized by innovation and intelligent solutions. The aim is to make the machines work more effectively and to extend their service life. The company makes every effort to bring better, more effective and more modern solutions to its customers every year.

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Ema Elfa clutches and brakes

EMA Elfa clutches and brakes. Familiarize yourself with our offer!
Our goal is to adapt the product range as well as possible to changing customer needs. That is why we also offer a large selection of EMA Elfa clutches and brakes in different variants and models. This enables the choice of the right coupling that fits the particular machine. You can choose from models such as 2HZg, HPS, 2HPS… BT, 2H and HDE.

The quality of the work and products of EMA Elfa are confirmed by numerous ISO certificates, which also prove the introduction of the management system according to the required standard by the company. In addition, the company can provide other certificates that confirm the innovation of the company and its products for the customer.

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Magnetic clutches and brakes/ Brusholders / Discs for clutches and brakes for metalworking machine tools Skoda, Froriep, Stanko, Rafamet, Heckert, Wotan

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