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Clutches and brakes for Bulgarian machine tools

What distinguishes our stock is also a great selection of clutches, brakes and accessories for Bulgarian machine tools, especially for Bulgarian horizontal lathes made by ZMM SLIVEN, ZMM SOFIA, or MASHSTROY, ZMM Vratsa Bułgaria, Siloma Silistra Bułgaria

Hight quality clutches for Bulgarian machines

We offer a wide range of spare parts equipment and accessories which are necessary for regular maintenance of the Bulgarian machine tools

Bulgarian horizontal lathes

  • CU400
  • CU500
  • CU502
  • CU580
  • CU580M
  • CU582
  • C10M
  • C11
  • C11MB
  • C11MT
  • C13B

Vertical milling machines

  • FV321M
  • FV401

Universal milling machines

  • FU251M
  • FU321M
  • FU401

Users of Bulgarian metalworking machines will find here not only parts for newer models, but also parts for those machines that were produced far before 2000.

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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Ask about availability and price at:

brakes for bulgarian machine tools
brakes bulgarian machine tools

Our company offers clutches and brakes for most types and brands of Polish, German, Russian, Romanian, Czech and Bulgarian machine tools and other world’s producers such as: Defum, Lorenz, Heckert, Froriep, Chofum, Poreba