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Industrial and electromagnetic clutches and brakes

Cooperation with MultiMasz company guarantees you comprehensive service in the field of metalworking machines, parts for them and instrumentation.

Wide range of industrial and electromagnetic clutches, brakes, clutch plates and more

Our customers most appreciate our extensive warehouse of electromagnetic clutches and brakes, clutch plates and other spare parts for them, because in case of any failure we take an immediate action so as to minimize the machine downtime and production losses. Our warehouse is tens of thousands of products ready for shipment from different manufacturers. Our flagship brands are: German ZF, Stromag, Heid, Ortlinghaus, Binder, Fumo (Poland), PSP Pohony (Czech Republic), Warner, Monninghoff and other unique positions.

We not only supply new industrial clutches and brakes, but also select replacement clutches for those that are no longer produced. For our customers, we also undertake 100% regeneration and repair of clutches and brakes that have not been produced for years and do not have their modern equivalents.

If you need a help, please send your pictures, types and other information about the clutch or clutch parts you are looking for at: We answer within 24h.