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Discs for clutches

Our company offers a comprehensive range of plates and levers for clutches. Clutch plates are the core part of clutches and can be diversified by the material they are made of, dimensions and application (plates for wet or dry operation).

Besides all the spares that we have in stock, we make customized plates for clutches according to given drawings, or on the basis of customers’ sample.

Plates for different clutches and brakes

  • plates for clutches for wet operation with  sinter  lining
  • plates for dry operation with  sinter-lining
  • plates for dry operation with organic-lining
  • steel plates
  • plates with splines
  • plates with lugs
  • range of outer diameter  up to 400 mm
  • steel / steel for wet operation
  • steel / sintered bronze for wet operation
  • steel / organic lining – for dry operation
  • levers for mechanical clutches

disc for clutches

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