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MultiMasz is a privately owned, independent company with over 20 years of experience on the field of machine tools. We offer a huge range of different spare parts and accessories for machine tools of European origin (Polish, Czech, Bulgarian, Romanian, German and Russian). We specialize in repair services, maintenance and overhauls of lathes, grinding machines and milling and boring machines.


Our goal is to be the world’s leading seller of electromagnetic as well as hydraulic and mechanical clutches and brakes for machine tools.

Currently our warehouse presents more than 50 000 clutches and brakes checked and prepared for our clients. Our best brands are: Ortlinghaus, Ema Dessau, HCP Cegielski, Telcomec, Binder Magnete, Ema Elfa, Heid, Fumo, Psp Pohony, Ortlinghaus, ZF, Stromag, Telcomec.

In our offer:

  • Electromagnetic clutches and brakes
  • Mechanical clutches and brakes
  • Hydraulic clutches
  • Spare parts ad accessories for clutches  (levers, drivers, coils, brushes, brush inserts, complete brush-holders for wet and dry operation)
  • Repair of clutches which are irreplaceable
  • A huge stock of spare parts, accessories and equipment for machine tools
  • Production of machine parts according to customers’ drawings
  • Machining services
  • New and used machine tools

By deciding to cooperate with us, you gain:

  • Reliable and professional business partner
  • Guarantee of quality and competitve price / flexible prices
  • Shipping door to door
  • Carefull checking products before shipment
  • Detailed technical inspection of each product
  • Professional support of our technical team
  • Clear and consistent process of working with our clients from the moment of enquiry until the moment of order

We operate comprehensively on the field of machine tools and metalworking in general. Our mission is to be a professional supplier for machine tools’ users and to contribute in saving time and money by offering our customers the best products at the lowest price. To guarantee years of failure-free machine tool’s operation thanks to the highest quality products

Our customers most of all come from machine tools branch (machines manufacturers and servicing companies), but also from other industrial sectors such as: automotive, railway, electrical, petrochemical, food processing, gas and oil, marine, mining, paper, packaging, steel, textile and many others.

Our advantages:

  • Our so far experience which lets us easily solve every problem with your machine tool. With the help of our specialists we can match the best suitable clutch or brake to your machine
  • A large stock with over 50 000 clutches and brakes, accessories and machine parts available for immediate sale (branded products made by Stromag, Heid, Binder Magnette, Ortlinghaus, ZF, Fumo, Ema-Elfa, Telcomec, HCP Cegielski, Ema Elfa, Shinko, and Telcomec)
  • Availability 24h, 7 days a week

You can always reach us directly at, or over the phone +48 62 79 15 131, and let us help and advise you


Our company offers clutches and brakes for most types and brands of Polish, German, Bulgarian, Russian, Romanian, and Czech machine tools and other world’s producers such as:
Avia, Andrychow, Chofum, Famot, FAT, Wafum, Ponar Tarnow, Polamco, Poreba, Rafamet Sacem, ZMT Tarnow, AFM Defum, HCP Cegielski, Jotes, Mechanicy Pruszkow, Jafo Jarocin, TOS, SkodaTitan International, TornosUnitech, Union, ZMM Sliven, Cugir, Csepel, CKD Blansko, MAS, Kolomna, Stanko, Stankoimport, Ryzan, Sedin, Strojimport, Deckel, Fritz Werner, Heckert, Heid, Heckert, Heyligenstaedt, Hegenscheid, Huron, Waldrich Coburg, Waldrich Siegen, Weiler, Weipert, Wohlenberg, Wotan, WMW, Vöest, VDF Boehringer, Scharmann, Schiess, Schiess Froriep, Acme Gridley, Asquith, Blanchard, Collet & Engelhard, Cerruti, Churchill, Cincinnati, Clovis, Colchester, Correa, Donini, Dörries, Drop & Rein, Favretto, Froriep, Fellows, Gildemeister, Gidding & Lewis, WMW Kearns Richards, Lorenz, Liebherr, Maho, Mattison, Niles, Oerlikon, Pittler, Pfauter, Safop, Saro, Umaro

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