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Telcomec – electromagnetic clutches and brakes

Electromagnetic clutches and brakes made by Telcomec are famous for its ease of installation and professional design. Among many other applications, Telcomec products are used in machine tools, cleaning machines, construction machines, pumps and compressors. World-wide shipping in 24 hours.

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Telcomec brake and clutches

telcomec brakes & clutches

Telcomec History

A small company with huge potential and opportunities, based in Emilia-Romania in northern Italy. Telcomec has been specializing in the manufacture of components for industrial machines since 1993. Its flagship products are Telcomec clutches and brakes for cleaning, tool and construction machinery. The company has developed significantly over the years. At first it offered its services on the local market, but now its products are known worldwide, including in Germany. The company focuses heavily on building a stable network of contacts, and its priorities include providing professional and prompt customer service and gathering information about the customer’s changing needs. Telcomec brakes and clutches are optimized year after year by a team of experts and modified so that they can keep up with the changing trends in the electrical machine market. They do this very well.

Flexibility and versatility – Telcomec brakes and clutches

Telcomec brakes are electromagnetic couplings with an electric drive. They are characterized by their ability to translate high torques. You can work in oil as well as dry. For our part, we can always guarantee fast processing of the order. Numerous models of clutches and industrial brakes are available in our warehouse. This means that the delivery time for the customer will be very short. If you are not sure whether one of our models is currently available, contact our company and find out whether the desired products are currently available. Telcomec clutches is a company that follows current trends, likes innovations and modern solutions, believes in technological potential and can successfully implement it.

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