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We offer you a wide range of various types of blades for guillotine shears of Polish, Czech, Slovak and Russian production.

Blades for Polish guillotines, such as NG3, NG8, NG13, NGH10, or Czech NTC2000, CNTA2000, CNTA3150, NTE2000, NTE3150, H3222 are sold continuousely, directly from stock.

We are a professional supplier of guillotine knives for cutting black sheet.

Below is a list of guillotines for which we have blades avaialble from stock:

  • Blades for guillotines of Polish production (Plasomat, Zamech): NG3, NG4, NG5, NG8, NG13, NGH6, NGH10
  • Blades for guillotines of Czech and Slovak production (Strojarne Piesok):
    CNTA 2000/6.3A, CNTA 2000/10A, CNTA 3150/6.3A, CNTA 3150/10A, CNTA 3150/16A, CNTA 3150/25A
    NTE 2000/4, NTE 2000/6.3, NTE 3150/6.3, NTE 3150/10, NTC 1250/2.5, NTC 2000/2.5, NTC 2000/4, NTC 2500/4, NTA 3150 /10A, NTA 3150/16A, NTH 3150/10, NTH 3150/25A
  • Blades for guillotines of Russian production H3222, H3222A

    On individual customer’s request, we also make special blades for cutting stainless steel.

    All blades for guillotines are produced in accordance with the manufacturer’s documentation and the required standards. Our guillotine knives are characterized by excellent quality and competitive prices.

    All blades are hardened to 55-58 HRC, which ensures solid performance and long-term use. Guillotine knives are usually made of NZ3 material.

    In our warehouse in constant sale are also other spare parts for different types of guillotine shears, among them:

    • bumper nuts for guillotines NTE, NTC, CNTA
    • finger for guillotine NG65, NG8, NG13
    • single and double arm brush holders
    • springs for guillotine NTE, NTA
    • repair kit for NTA, NTE, CNTA guillotines
    • special friction linings for clutch discs
    • sealings sets