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Binder Magnete

clutches and brakes

Binder Magnete clutches and brakes
binder magnete electromagnetic clutch

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History of binder magnete

Binder Magnete has it’s roots in 1911. Long tradition, stable market position and highly qualified team ensures a high level of customer satisfaction. They deal with developement and production of clutches and brakes for industrial equipment. Companies from all around the world, appreciate the very high quality of the components, their performance, efficiency and longevity. Both Binder clutches and brakes are characterized by their strength and reliability. Binder Magnete is able to reach every customer with its products through a very well developed branch of business partners and distributors. Our company also contributes to it, so that our customers could buy the best products on the market.

Application of parts from Binder Magnete

Binder Magnete specializes in the manufacture of industrial machine parts, mainly clutches and brakes. Their application can be found in robotics, automation, as parts for metalworking machines and production machines. They are also used in transport and lifting technology. Binder brake and clutch are products that can be easily adapted to your machine model. This is due to a very large selection of components that have been developed taking into account the technological characteristics of each machine. In our offer you will find products that are compatible with many industrial machines. If you are unsure if the component you have selected matches your device, please contact our consultants. We know every product available in our store very well and know in which areas it works best. With our support you avoid mistakes and your machine gains more efficiency and productivity.

High quality binder magnete electromagnetic clutch

Binder Magnete is a company that is still developing and always offering new solutions for the industry. It uses the available technological possibilities and is open to innovation. At the same time, the products are characterized by a very good price-performance ratio, which is why they have such a large customer base.

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