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Blades for guillotine shears CNTA 3150/16

MultiMasz has stocked and secured a big inventory with spare parts to service your guillotine Shears. We offer a wide range of parts that keep your equipment running efficiently and effectively.

Hundreds of parts in our stock are ready for same day shipment including specific wear parts. If we now even don’t have a particular part in stock, our Customer Service representatives are always ready to assist, ensuring you get the part you need as soon as possible.

We specialize in the supply of parts for guillotines and presses, mainly for:

• Polish guillotine shears: NG3, NG5, NG8, NG13, NGH6, NGH10 (blades for Polish guillotines and spare parts)
• Czech guillotine shears: CNTA 3150/10A, 3150/16A, CNTA 3150/25A, CNTA2000/6,3A, NTA 3150/10, NTA3150/10A, NTE2000/6,3, NTE2500/4, NTE3150/6,3, NTC 2000/4, NTC 2500/4 (blades for Czech guillotines and spare parts)

• Russian guillotine shears: HA3121, H3222, H3222A
• press brakes: LO, LOD, CTO, LE, LEN, LESP etc.
• eccentric presses: LENP 63A, LFN 40C, PMS 100 etc.
We offer a supply of cutting blades and other parts for guillotines from such manufacturers as: Zamech Elbląg, Plasomat Warszawa, Strojarne Piesok, Ermaksan, Durma, Promstrojmasch etc.

The most wanted parts:
• Original sets of blades for guillotine shears
• Steel discs with friction lining / clutch-brake friction discs / pneumatic clutch-brake combination
• Plastic or bronze bumper nuts
• Single- and double-arm brush-holders
• Repair kits for guillotines
• Sets of sealings
• Springs, fingers and many other parts


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