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Why an overhaul of a metalworking machine pays off

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Conventional metal machine tools, such as lathes, milling machines, grinders, drills or boring machines, still play a very important role both in industrial production plants, repair plants at shipyards or mines, as well as in smaller service and production companies. This type of machine tools is an excellent tool for individual works, but they will also be perfect for serial production after modernization of the control to CNC.

metalworking machines overhaul

Maintenance of metalworking machines

Major overhaul restores the metalworking machines to practically to the new machine parameters, and costs much less than a new machine tool. It is therefore an excellent solution for companies that want to have an accurate and efficient machine while reducing the required costs.

A very important factor when deciding who to entrust the execution of such a renovation is therefore the experience, and thus the rich portfolio of the company that performs it. It is important that our contractor knows the specifics of the construction and operation of the entrusted machine tool and has access to original parts for machine tools. In addition, each metalworking machines overhaul must finally be adapted to the minimum health and safety requirements, which will be confirmed by a declaration issued by the company performing the renovation.

Metalworking machines repair by MultiMasz

At MultiMasz, we have been overhauling and modernizing metalworking machines for over 20 years. Most of all, we specialize in Polish TR – TPK – TCG – TCC FUM Poreba lathes, TUR50 – TUR630 – TUR710 FAT Wroclaw, Polish and German Schaudt, Jotes grinders, milling machines parts and many other conventional machine tools. Our portfolio is also filled with an individual projects with special purpose machine tools.

The scope of the general metalworking machines repair includes, first of all, the mechanical part with the replacement or regeneration of parts and bearings; electrical – including the replacement of all wiring and the construction of a new electrical cabinet, regeneration of the tailstock, grinding of all sliding surfaces and derivation of the machine geometry in accordance with FAT (Factory Acceptance Test).

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