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What are the most important recommendations when using metal grinding machines

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Metal processing requires the use of specialized machines in order to obtain the appropriate accuracy of parts and their quality. The final accuracy of the parts is achieved thanks to the use of stationary grinders in the technological cycle.
Thanks to the selection of appropriate metal grinding machines and the use of appropriate cutting tools (grinding wheels), we can process virtually any material, achieving very high accuracy of details.

What are the basic types of stationary metal grinding machines

Grinders are machines that allow processing of workpiece made of various materials and of various shapes while maintaining the required accuracy and surface quality. We can distinguish surface grinders (e.g. Polish production SPC20, SPD30, SPD40, or SAB100W carousel grinder with a round rotary table), cylindrical grinders with the possibility of grinding holes (e.g. SWA25, E450Np licensed by the German company SCHAUDT), tool grinders, e.g. NUA25), and centreless grinders for grinding cylinders characterized by very high efficiency in serial and repeat production).

How to use a metal grinding machine?

The stationary metal grinders offered on the market today are very functional, efficient and accurate tools. Nevertheless, if we do not take care of the correct use of our machine, we can expect a reduction in the accuracy of machining, and even frequent failures. Grinders, just like any other machines, are intensively used and the lack of supervision over their proper technical condition may cause frequent downtime due to the need for repairs. In extreme cases, in case of improper operation of machines, the technical condition of the machines deteriorates very quickly and forces costly major repairs to be carried out in order for the grinder to regain its functionality and accuracy. At the same time, working on a damaged metal grinding machines poses a threat to the health and life of both the operator and co-workers staying next to the processing station.

How to perfectly choose a magnetic chips separator for a metal grinding machine?

One of the factors that enable the desired grinding results to be obtained in the grinding process is the proper selection of the coolant and keeping it clean. Improper coolant can cause, among other things, the formation of corrosion centers on already finished parts. For this purpose, it is recommended to use magnetic coolant separator (magnetic filter) in the coolant system, which clean cooling fluid from the residues formed during the grinding process. It is important to always choose only the highest quality products, which is what MultiMasz offers. The Polish MMA series magnetic filters are perfect for the processing of magnetic materials, because the coolant purification process is carried out by a drum with magnets capturing impurities, and the cleaned coolant can be reused. Due to the fact that the filter works in a closed circuit, we achieve significant savings in the amount of used coolant.

When selecting the size of filters, the efficiency of the machine’s coolant system should be taken into account. To select the correct size, check the maximum capacity of the coolant pump mounted on the coolant tank and the filter capacity must be greater than the pump capacity.

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